Wood Solar

170 kWh of electricity per m2 per year

As real as Nature

You can't believe your eyes. It's not wood, but it's as good. Replicating a wooden façade is quite simple. And you won't see a thing wrong with it.

We usually start from a picture of a real wooden facade and print it onto the glass. We use the same colouring technology as for our SolarTerra tiles, i.e. ceramic pigments which we vitrify at over 800°C in the glass. The image of the wood is printed in high definition on the glass. This technique makes it possible to maintain a very high level of transparency. This is important because behind the glass, we place high efficiency photovoltaic cells that generate electricity. Our secret is to master this complex and somewhat contradictory equation. Giving colour to our products while ensuring maximum transparency. The glass we use is matt and does not create reflections. The "material" aspect of the wood is impressive.

Afzelia wood - 180 Wp/m2

Front Material

Mat & Anti Reflective Tempered Glass 3.3.2 mm

Back Material

Float Glass or Back Sheet (according to client's choice)

Mechanical Resistance

Hailstones up to ⌀ 5 cm

Efficiency examples

Afzelia Wood 180 Wp/m2

Chestnut Wood 160 Wp/m2

Typical electrical spec's

Cell efficiency η % 22

MPP Voltage Vmpp 18,82 V

MPP Current Impp 8,50 A

OC Voltage Voc 21,57 V

SC Current Isc 8,67 A

Max. system voltage IEC 1000 V

Life time Power Warranty

>40 years 25 years

Under development in collaboration with I-Watt - Martigny - Switzerland - 12/2021

PV wood versus real wood (sample for replication)

Façade elements being produced 01/22


Typical wooden PV board - 160Wp - 32 cells