Designed by Art Historians 

Honor to Traditions

SolarTerra® is a solar tile developed in Switzerland which aims to equip traditional buildings with solar technology while respecting their cultural heritage.  It is a fully integrated solution that replaces conventional roofing tiles and generates electricity. With a seamless design, each tile looks beautiful from near and far, and complements the architecture of the building.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Built to Last

SolarTerra® uses Solrif, a patented tiles system from the Swiss family business Ernst Schweizer located in Hedingen with +100 years of history. The system insures water tightness and withstands heavy snow loads. The red colour is obtained from ceramic pigments that are fused into the glass. The tile is equipped with high efficiency solar cells (>22.5%) to maximise the electricity production. 

Solrif®  Mounting System - GB

Project Owner: Cellars of the Château d'Auvernier  Atelier d'Architecture St-Nicolas SA Installation: Gottburg SA/Groupe-E  Swiss Solar Award 2019

SolarTerra uses Solrif®, a system patented and certified by TÜV, Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik & CSTB

+40 years

Power Warranty
25 years

Front Material
Anti Reflective Tempered

Glass 3.3.2 mm

Back Material
Float Glass or Back Sheet
(according to client's choice)

Mechanical Resistance
Hailstones up to ⌀ 5 cm

Available  Colours &  Efficiencies
TerraCotta 140 Wp/m2 | Copper 185 Wp/m2

Also  Available...
Frameless or with standard frame for applied installation (on top of existing tiles)

Available Types:                                           Datasheets:

Original 115 Wp | 140 Wp SolarTerra Solrif®

Original + 150 Wp | 185 Wp SolarTerra Frameless

Medium 200 Wp | 245 Wp SolarTerra Standard Frame

Medium + 225 Wp | 275 Wp

Large 250 Wp | 305 Wp


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