Dr. Michael Hiestand

Member of the board of directors


After he graduated from University of Zürich as DVM in 1994 and he received a doctor’s degree in 1999, Michaels professional orientation went increasingly in direction marketing and operational management. Still working in medical business, he took over the management of several SMEs and became co-owner of SMEs in different regions of Switzerland. His commitment as sales director of ISSOL Suisse takes into account the cultural diversity of Switzerland, which is reflected in the architecture. He understands BIPV (Building-integrated Photovoltaic) as an ideal solution to significantly support the energy turnaround without burdening the locale heritage image, which is highly esteemed in Switzerland. The versatile, energy-positive glass elements (EpoG) from ISSOL are intended to contribute to the enrichment of architecture. It is the goal to be able to offer creative, regionally adapted and widely accepted solutions, taking into account the ideas and needs of architects and designers!

Laurent Quittre

Founder & Director


A graduate of the HEC Management School – University of Liège - Belgium. In 1994, Laurent started working for the US-based company EDS as a business analyst in the private global banking industry. In 2005, he began his quest into Solar energy. As an outsider of the solar industry, he had the firm intention to do things differently. He developed a business model based on the architectural relevance of PV technologies. In 2006, he founded ISSOL and met the architect and engineer Philippe Samyn, an avant-garde visionary in sustainable construction. Together, they developed major architectural solar references, having a significant impact on Laurent’s vision. Laurent hired engineers and architects, created a strong team with a mix of highly technical and creative aptitudes. Over 14 years, ISSOL Belgium deployed remarkable BIPV projects around the world with renowned architects. Today, Laurent is focused on leveraging his experience to offer the best possible solutions to make energy efficient buildings under the premise that PV is not just a technology but a building material that decarbonizes the construction industry. Under the platform of ISSOL Switzerland SA, a company that consults & deploy with the building industry on the use of PV Glass, Laurent continues to offer his expertise to real estate developers, architects, engineering companies and research organizations all around the world.

Dr. Edvinas Bigaila

Engineer, Project Manager


An advanced facade engineer with 10+ years of hands-on experience in the fields of construction and energy. An expert in architectural active glass production, advanced facade engineering and project development. Edvinas completed his doctoral studies at Concordia University, Montreal, in Building Engineering focusing on sustainable solar building envelope design and renovations. He is the author of several scientific articles on BIPV/T modules for facade renovations. Edvinas has worked with several BIPV producers in Europe and is a member of the Society of Facade Engineering (SFE-CIBSE). Edvinas is based in Belgium and is under the payroll of Activ'Europe srl.