About us

ACTIV'GLASS Issol Schweiz AG is an ODM - Original Design Manufacturer - We design customised photovoltaic glass elements for facades and roofs and we outsource the PV cell encapsulation to OEM glass manufacturers in Europe. The company was founded in 2016 in Switzerland by Laurent Quittre, a pioneer in the manufacture of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) modules. Where standard solar panels do not fit, ACTIV'GLASS offers integration solutions with high architectural value that comply with the standards of the construction sector. The main strength of ACTIV'GLASS is its expertise in glass and its ability to support the building owner from the design stage through to completion. 

Design - Develop - Deploy

We are the one stop solution provider that turns the building skin into power generating surfaces. Our team is known for its work with the most renowned architects, including Renzo Piano, Shigeru Ban, Nicolas Michelin, Philippe Samyn or Stefano de Angelis.  We gathered the industry most skilled experts under one name. Our activities are focused on the design and the engineering of highly efficient buildings. We provide price competitive photovoltaic laminated glass with embedded solar technology from local and international sourcing. 

Picture: Castello di Doragno - by DeltaZERO - deAngelis Mazza architectes - Credit: L. Carugo