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Activ'Glass is bringing together under one roof a holistic design team of facade, building and energy engineering experts with expanding skills to deliver the most ambitious renewable and facade projects.

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1. Building-integrated photovoltaics

    • Tendering documents, design and budgets

    • BIPV glazing structural and electrical design

    • Mounting system design

    • Glazing aesthetics : design of colored glass, glazing layouts on facade/roof/canopy, etc. , pattern studies.

    • BIPV performance studies : electrical output optimization, shading studies, thermal performance

    • Normative and quality assurance

    • Active glass samples

    • BIPV system (glass + electrical part + mounting) execution design and production

    • Project management

2. Active glass

    • BIPV

    • BIPV roof tiles

    • Electrochromic glass

    • Thermochromic glass

    • LED glass

    • Active insulated glazing units (IGU's)

3. Facade engineering

    • Tender drawings and budgets for architects

    • Structural calculations

    • Execution and fabrication detailing

    • Standard and advanced cladding systems

    • Roofing services

4. Building physics

    • Building enclosure thermal performance studies, moisture control (crossection design, thermal design, thermal/vapour barriers, etc.)

    • Daylighting/Lighting studies

    • Building energy modelling

    • Normative analysis

5. Renewable projects

    • Industrial photovoltaic projects

    • Electricity storage

    • Electric mobility

6. Structural engineering services

    • Structural calculations of glass, metal, wood structures

    • Tender drawings for architects

    • Shop drawings and fabrication detailing

7. Project management

    • Budget preparations

    • Production and supply supervision

    • Construction team assembly

    • Site supervision

    • Reporting

We address our services to

  • Owners / shareholders

  • External stakeholders (architect, real estate developer, engineering office)

  • Internal stakeholders (Board of Directors, CEO, CFO, CMO, Facility Manager)

  • Construction OEMs (glass transformation, façade & construction companies)