K'7 Activ'Facade®

Solar Facade Made Simple

Standard System - Custom Colors & Designs

Power & Architectural Design

Our solution enables new or existing buildings to be equipped with solar technology, using a conventional aluminum cladding method that can be easily managed by photovoltaic installers and facade builders. The solution consists of a system of aluminum cassettes and high-efficiency monocrystalline PV cells. It offers harmonious integration of solar energy into the facade. The system considerably reduces the project planning and execution phase. The facade is visible and becomes a communication tool. Colored, with a logo or printed image, it contributes to the architectural value of the building. 

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Wide range of colours and designs (wood, stone, rusted sheet metal, colored checkerboards, etc.).


 Quick assembly and removal

Mechanical Properties


Front surface - Smooth or textured tempered monolithic glass, 3.2 to 6 mm thick depending on glass type. Optional digital ceramic printing in color or motifs on face 2. EVA, PV cells and black backsheet. Bonded to FSP-H cassette with structural sealant. Tested and certified process. Cassette made of 2.0 mm folded aluminum plate, powder-coated and clipped.

A wide choice of glass renderings

Electrical Values

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