Easy to install - Photovoltaïc Facade System

A standard aluminum cassette-based BIPV facade solution for facade cladding.  

The BIPV modules are structuraly bonded to a suspended facade system used for exterior rainscreen cladding of residential, commercial and industrial facilities. The mounting system is either open fastening system or a hidden fastening system as seen below. The aluminium cassetes are 1,5 or 2 mm thickness, powder coated or anodized. The BIPV glass is a glass/backsheet module using crystalline Silicone PV cells with various colors ranging from black to white. The electrical power output is ranging from 195 Wp/m2 for black to 135 Wp/m2 for colored BIPV cassette systems.   

The Activ'Facade cassettes can be ordered in custom dimensions and colors!

Open fastening system

Fixation to structure using point fixation to the sides of the cassette

Hidden fastening system

Fixation to the structure by hanging the cassette on the facade system

The BIPV laminate is structurally bonded to the aluminium cassette.

The bonding quality and warranty is standard in construction practices and according to the adequate norms. Material compatibility reports and bonding waranties are avialble upon request. 

BIPV laminate is using 3.2 mm tempered extra-clair glass.  

Junction box is using standard 1 meter solar cabels 

Mechanical resistance of this assembly is min 4800 Pa

Fire rating is class B minimum. Class A is possible with design modificaitons. 

The design corresponds to EN-12543, EN-572-5,  EN-12150-1, EN-1863-1, IEC 61215, IEC 61730.

Declaration of confirmity (CE) to the following standards: IEC 61215, IEC 61730

Pendulum test according to EN 12600

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Mounting option - open fastening system

Mounting option - hidden fastening system

Price range

The standard black cassette price is 392 EU/pc, 420 EU/m2, 2,17 EU/Wp

The standard dimension colored cassette price is 425 EU/pc,  455 EU/m2,  +/- 2,8 EU/Wp

Custom cassette sizes need to be recalculated according to the project requirements

The standard fixation system for both Open and Hidden fastening systems is  35 EU/m2

Activ'Glass is a design and engineering company and it can assist your project with facade engineering calculations and supply of the material

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