de Angelis & Mazza architects - deltaZERO

deltaZERO has been active in the fields of architecture and urban planning for 30 years, with the aim of constructing buildings and cities for the people of the 21st century.

deltaZERO follows the following basic principles: zero energy consumption and emissions, integration of the latest technologies, maximum flexibility in use and conversion.

deltaZERO’s partners, in parallel with the main activity of architectural design and consultancy, invest personally in the research and construction of building prototypes with no energy consumption and high flexibility and give lectures in four languages on the future of buildings and cities.

Domenico Sartore - Reco srl - SE Project

Domenico Sartore is the founder of S.E. Project and EcoProgetti S.r.l. Since 1998, the Veneto-based company is at the forefront of research, design and construction of turnkey machines and production lines for PV solutions. Domenico Sartore is an historical partner to Laurent Quittre in the inception of Issol S.A. in 2005 and a passionate advocate of technology at the service of the environment and sustainable development.

Rino Messere, Doctor in Sciences and expert in glass has practical approach to glass developement and integration to building with sustainable solutions, thanks to 25 years background in glass industry and research.

Since 2021, Rino passionated by sustainability, technology and glass design found SLMB to support the environment and sustainable development.